Esther Barry (Ireland)

Esther Barry Hi there Esther from Cork here and I am just back from budapest since 15th June, after getting bridge work done there I would like to THANK all the denstist there who were most proffessional, I was extremely annoyed ar our dentists here in Ireland “covering up” a problem on my teeth until I went to Budapest and the treatment both my Aunt and I recieved we would 100% reccommend going there for dental treatment! it was the beset decision I ever made, you wont be dissapointed. email me if anyone wants to ask me questions about my work as my aunts also. THANKS so much KREATIVE you do your country proud!!

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Michele Hill (USA)

Thank you so much for your treatment. I found all the staff helpful and friendly. It was well worth the trip from California. See you next year.

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Kristian from Dublin (Ireland)

Hello Maeve, I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how I got on in Budapest. Well, I'm quite impressed with the team at Kreativ and very much enjoyed the city. The folk are an honest and sincere people which really appeals to me as it's not like the Ireland of today. The city is beautiful and has far more to see than I expected or had time for, so I'll look forward to my next trip for that too. To be fair I'm going to try and learn some of the language too. As I expected I need more work than I hoped but it would not have been possible to have it done here as is the same with many folk who do not know of the options of going abroad. Having established at my first appointment that braces were my best option, and that this meant needing my wisdom teeth removed and staying a few days for observation, I feel this could have been done on this first visit. Preferring to have this done by Kreativ, rather than another practice here, this now means I need to make a second trip to complete Phase 1 of a three phase plan. However, I am very happy with the work the team have carried out so far, and in particular very happy with my appointment with Viktor in Buda. For such an affluent country its amazing how our health system lacks the required expertise and technology for the work one can get from Kreativ, at not 'cheaper' cost, but affordable as it should be here. I may do an article here on the benefits of Kreativ as I feel more folk should know about it and I'd be happy to recommend it. Myself and another client bumped into a lady at the Budapest Airport who had visited another clinic in Budapest for the same services and we were only happy to pass on your contact details and recommend Kreativ, as we did to the Aer Lingus crew who enquired about it too. I will be returning in January for the rest of Phase 1 of my plan, and hopefully Phase II also. Will you please pass on my thanks to again Atilla, Noemi, Ivain, Kriszti, & Peter. Regards, Kristian

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